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It's an online learning platform where leaders take courses to get UPPlifted! It's where leaders like you elevate and learn how to unlock employee engagement/motivation, meaning, and meaningful achievement. It's where you become an others-oriented, soul-centered, once-in-a-career leader. And we're proud to offer our first online course: THE INSPIRATIONAL LEADER.
Welcome to UPP!

Introducing The Inspirational Leader Course...

No matter your starting point, you can transform into a once-in-a-career inspirational leader--revered and remembered while delivering results. You can have a profound impact on those that work for/with you by discovering the 6 Paths to Inspiration, detailed in this online course. Enroll and you'll double your IQ (Inspirational Quotient), in just 6 weeks! Your workplace desperately needs inspirational leaders--and you're one click away from becoming a beacon...
Introducing The Inspirational Leader Course...

Your Masterclass Instructor

  • Scott Mautz

    Scott Mautz

    Scott's a Procter & Gamble veteran who successfully ran four separate, multi-billion dollar businesses in tandem with highly motivated, inspired organizations. He's a popular business-inspirational keynote speaker, the award-winning author of the business-inspirational books "Find the Fire" and "Make It Matter", and a top columnist for Inc. where he writes 20+ times/month on a variety of inspirational leadership topics. Scott is also faculty at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business where he teaches inspirational leadership.
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Be the leader that fills the gap...

Over 60% of employees say the #1 thing they want from their leader is for him/her to be inspirational--yet when you ask those same employees, "Is your leader inspirational?", only 11% say yes! Relatedly, an astonishing 70% of employees are disengaged, falling far short of their maximum productivity. You can be the leader that steps up and elevates the people and their performance. And despite conventional logic, inspiration isn't a mysterious, fickle force--it can be codified and coaxed and you'll have the system to make it happen!
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Be the leader that fills the gap...

The Inspirational Leader Course Curriculum

This online course is designed for those seeking to master inspirational leadership, even transform--not for those merely seeking a tip or two and who aren't willing to work to foster change. Accordingly, the course is packed with everything you need to double your IQ (Inspirational Quotient). The course embraces key adult learning principles to maximize engagement/retention. The material can be "binge-consumed" or paced out over 6 weeks (1 lesson/week) with Practice Prompts provided for each week to help practice/ingrain that lesson. A pre and post IQ (Inspirational Quotient) Test are provided so the student can measure results from taking the course, a Companion Workbook is included to help students retain key concepts, and students have the ability to engage in conversation with each other about each lesson. Many bonus items are also included as detailed below.

  • Week 1: INTRODUCTION VIDEO, The IQ (Inspirational Quotient) Test - pdf, a Companion Workbook (fill-in-the-blank) - pdf

  • Week 1: PATH 1: INSPIRING THROUGH COMMUNICATION - video, PATH 1 Practice Prompts - pdf

  • Week 2: PATH 2: INSPIRING THROUGH CONFIDENCE BUILDING -video, PATH 2 Practice Prompts - pdf

  • Week 3: PATH 3: INSPIRING THROUGH VISION-SETTING - video, PATH 3 Practice Prompts - pdf

  • Week 4: PATH 4: INSPIRING THROUGH CONSCIOUS CARING - video, PATH 4 Practice Prompts - pdf

  • Week 5: PATH 5: INSPIRING THROUGH AUTONOMY & ENABLING - video, PATH 5 Practice Prompts - pdf

  • Week 6: PATH 6: INSPIRING THROUGH MEANING-MAKING - video, 5 Bonus Items (see below), PATH 6 Practice Prompts - pdf

After taking this course you'll be able to...

  • Inspire through your communications

  • Inspire by skillfully building others confidence in themselves

  • Inspire by setting a powerful vision everyone can rally around

  • Inspire by showing up as caring to your organization

  • Inspire by giving autonomy and empowering/enabling others

  • Inspire by fostering meaning in and at work

You can measure your results

The Inspirational Leader course comes with the IQ (Inspirational Quotient) Test--a numerically scored pre and post test that measures your depth of subject matter knowledge and confidence to act on it before and after you take the course. In other words, you'll get a pre and post IQ score. You'll see your inspirational leadership skills increase in many ways:

  • Learn the art and science of communicating in a way that inspires the troops. Using the "3P Model of Inspiring Communication", anyone can inspire with their words--even introverts.

  • Learn how to inspire others by building their self-confidence (and your own)--the "4 Components of Confidence Building" will be your guide.

  • Learn how to construct a truly inspiring vision that everyone can passionately rally around via a powerful metaphor/framework called "The Vision-Building Building".

  • Learn how to show up as caring in the ways coworkers want you to by practicing "The Caring Core". Discover how to thoughtfully administer meaningful rewards & recognition and demonstrate passion for employees personal growth.

  • Gain new appreciation for the importance of granting autonomy to inspire employees. Learn about the dark side of empowering others and how to grant "Intelligent Autonomy". Powerfully enable using the "Enable Table" framework.

  • Learn how to deeply inspire by creating meaning for your employees. The "5 Meaning Multipliers" will help you create meaning in and at work.


Includes the 6 deep dive lessons on The 6 Paths to Inspiration, the Intro video, the Practice Prompts, The IQ (Inspirational Quotient) Test, and The Companion Workbook. Just a portion of this material as shared in workshops and consulting is valued at $8,000, but you get it all for the value-packed price of $697!


We're excited to also give you these 5 FREE BONUSES!

Carefully curated to further enhance your inspirational leadership toolkit

  • 1 Bonus video

    "The 9 Most Uninspiring Inactions of a Leader" video solves a problem. We can put so much effort into being an inspirational leader and then blow it by a set of actions we unwittingly don't take. Don't be that person!

  • 3 Bonus PDF's

    "The Inspiring in Crisis Plan" helps you shine in times of adversity, "The Inspiring Your Star Employees to Stay (& Soar) Action Plan" is key because finding talent is hard, but losing it is hard to take. And "The Authenticity Code of Conduct" is a blueprint for inspiring, authentic behavior.

  • 1 Bonus download

    "The Top 20 Most Inspiring Inc. Articles" sheet provides direct links to Scott Mautz's most inspiring Inc. articles--as voted by his readers. You'll find these extra little wisps of instruction and inspiration an uplifting complement to your toolkit.

We know it's hard to take action sometimes. We also know this course triggers a transformation. So, we're giving you another reason to act by also including this powerful, perceptive IN-TOUCH LEADER BONUS PACKAGE!

A specially created set of materials to help you be as in-touch a leader as possible

  • Cheat sheets

    Use these handy reminders to keep you in an others-oriented mindset: "The 5 Musts for Being Mindfully Present", "The Fundamentals of Feedback", and "Risk Taking Conversation Starters".

  • Checklists

    Use "The Top Behaviors of Rising Star Leaders" guide as a checklist to keep you on an upward trajectory, and the "How to Craft a Learning Environment" checklists to keep others rising along with you.

  • Self-questionnaires

    "The Innerview" is an introspective set of questions designed to help you articulate your desired legacy. "Purpose Power Questions" help you discover what your purpose might be at work (and in life).

So that's 6 deep dive lessons on The 6 Paths, the Intro video, the Practice Prompts, the IQ Test, the Workbook, 5 Bonuses, and the In-Touch Leader Bonus Package, all for $697.

Let's Do This!
So that's 6 deep dive lessons on The 6 Paths, the Intro video, the Practice Prompts, the IQ Test, the Workbook, 5 Bonuses, and the In-Touch Leader Bonus Package, all for $697.

It's a no-risk purchase:

We're so confident that you'll be more than satisfied with the course and all that went into it, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. See our refund policy here.
It's a no-risk purchase:

If it's helpful, here are two payment options:


Here are just a few sample comments from people who have heard what Scott Mautz has to say and teach in the field of inspirational leadership.

  • "His content is original, relevant, and immediately applicable" - Jenny Harris, SVP, Ipsos

  • "Scott Mautz is inspiration personified" - Scott Beal, President, Barr Brands

  • "Captivating and inspiring" - Mehmet Yuksek, CEO, Perfetti Van Melle USA

  • "Scott has left a lasting mark on me that I appreciate beyond words" - April Anslinger, Chief Growth Officer, Schwan Brands

  • "Scott had the biggest impact on my team--a true gift" - Steve Shiffman, CEO, Michelman

  • "Energizing, motivating, captivating" - Steve Kissing, Partner, Wordsworth Communications

  • "He encourages everyone to take personal accountability for their inspiration" - Noel Geoffrey, President, Kellogg's Frozen Foods

  • "Scott Mautz left the audience chattering about their internal significance in the office" - Dave Kroeger, President, PEP

  • "Scott Mautz left us both inspired and challenged to find a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment in our day-to-day work" - Ann Baarman, Michigan Chamber of Commerce


(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes! We're that confident that you'll be more than satisfied with the course and all that went into it. On the outside chance you'd desire a refund, please read our refund policy here.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    If you're "bingeing", it takes about 4-5 hours total to watch all the video lessons (including the intro), watch/read/complete all the bonus materials, complete the Workbook, and take the IQ (Inspirational Quotient) pre and post tests. Of course, you can spend as much time as you'd like reflecting on the material and completing the exercises contained within the course. As for the core video-based lessons, we recommend spreading the lessons out over 6 weeks (1 lesson/week) and engaging in the Practice Prompts provided for each week's lesson. That measured pace would take 6 weeks. But either method, "bingeing" in 4-5 hours or taking 6 weeks to practice and ingrain what you've learned, can be used.

  • Once I purchase the course, does it ever expire?

    No, you can return to it as often as you'd like! We do recommend, however, that once you start the course, either "binge" it, or ideally stick to the 6-week plan the course is designed for. We want you to see the course through to completion in a timely manner to help you double your IQ (Inspirational Quotient)!

  • Can I watch the videos on any device?

    Absolutely. They're all laptop, desktop, or mobile device friendly.

Now is the time to unleash the Inspirational Leader inside of you.

Become the leader you're yearning to be, guided by a recognized expert. Profoundly impact the lives of those you work with. Use personal power over position power to unlock discretionary energy and elevate everyone's performance. Invest in yourself. Invest in inspiration.

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Now is the time to unleash the Inspirational Leader inside of you.